PBSTAT-GE: Genotype-by-environment interaction and stability analysis for plant breeding

PBSTAT-CL: Cluster analysis for plant genetic diversity studies

PBSTAT-PPB: Data analysis for participatory plant breeding

Data File (Excel)
Type of Trial
Response Variable(s)
Data Analysis Estimation of Broad Sense Heritability (h2bs)
Finlay-Wilkinson Stability Analysis
An example to use this program:
- 1. Download one of the following sample data files: One location | Multilocations | Multiseasons and Multilocations
- 2. In the form above, click 'Browse' and find out the data file you have just downloaded.
- 3. Select one of three types of trial based on the dataset you want to analyze.
- 3. Enter the name of response variable(s), e.g. YIELD FRTLNGTH FRTDMTR.
For this purpose, you could open the data file first, and then copy-and-paste the response columns title into that box.
- 4. Select one of the data analysis options.
- 5. Make sure you have closed the Excel data file.
- 6. Click "Show".

PBSTAT will only suitable for conditions below:
- All trial uses the Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD).
- The design must be balanced. Number of replications for each genotype must be the same.
- Data must be completed (PBSTAT does not support missing data).
- Column title in Excel: G = Genotype, S = Season, L = Location, REP = Replication.
- PBSTAT only supports data files in .xls format (Excel 2003), NOT .xlsx.

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